Nicht nur junge Mitarbeiter lernen!

Lernen, geistige Flexibilität und Veränderungsbereitschaft haben nicht unbedingt etwas mit dem Alter zu tun. Ältere Mitarbeiter stehen den Anforderungen eines "Information Worker" in nichts nach:

Myths About Older Workers

There are numerous stereotypes about older workers that simply aren't true.

Here are some of those myths -- along with the reality.

  • Myth: Older workers can't or won't learn new skills. Reality: Those over 50 are proving their ability to learn new skills by becoming the fastest growing group of Internet users. And career-changers in their 40s and 50s are taking courses to enhance their skills.
  • Myth: Older workers don't stay on the job long. Reality: Workers between 45 and 54 stayed on the job twice as long as those 25 to 34, according to the Bureau of labor Statistics in 1998.
  • Myth: Older workers take more sick days than younger workers. Reality: Attendance records are actually better for older workers than for younger ones.
  • Myth: Older workers aren't flexible or adaptable. Reality: Because they've seen many approaches fail in the workplace, they are more likely to question change. But they can accept new approaches as well as younger workers can as long as the rationale is explained.
  • Myth: Older workers are more expensive. Reality: The costs of more vacation time and pensions are often outweighed by low turnover among older workers and the fact that higher turnover among other groups translates into recruiting, hiring, and training expenses.

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[via Jo's Jobwelt]